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The 22 Best Free Apps for iPhone 4S

For all the proud iPhone 4S owners here is a list of the top 22 free apps for your mobile, in no particular order.

1. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

With the free Nike Training Club, you get a personal trainer right in your mobile. With over 60 custom built workouts, fitness training was never this exclusive.

2. Read It Later Free

Read It Later Free

A free app that lets you put articles aside which you want to get back to later on.

3. Skype


Now with Skype on your iPhone 4S connecting with far away friends on a free skype-to-skype call is even more convenient.

4. Excuse Generator

 Excuse Generator

This naughty free app generates an excuse to miss out on school or office.

5. Zynga Live Poker

Zynga Live Poker

For the poker fanatics, this free app lets them connect and compete in a game of poker with other iPhone 4S owners.

6. HeyWay


While using GPS, this app can mark your location and lets you share it with other friends on iPhone 4S.

7. Free Translator

Free Translator

Use this wonder application while traveling to any continent of the world.

8. Comic Touch Lite

Comic Touch Lite

On a liter note, this free app lets you play around with photos to help them come alive with a bit of fun.

9. AllRecipes.com Dinner Spinner

AllRecipes.com Dinner Spinner

For those who love to cook, make use of this official app of AllRecipes.com.

10. Dictionary



It always is quite convenient to have the dictionary handy.

11. iFirstAid


A really helpful first aid app that might even save lives.

12. Dropbox


An essential app that lets you sync and save most of your documents so that they can be shared from a different source.

13. Facebook


A nicely optimized version for the iPhone 4S lets you socialize in a convenient manner from your very own mobile.

14. Pulse News

Pulse News

It is the best free app for news lovers who own iPhone 4S. it mosaics all your favorite news websites into one screen so that it becomes easier to choose.

15. Kindle


If you have iPhone 4S and love to read, then you need not spend extra to buy an e-Reader. Just download this free app to get access to a million books.

16. Netflix


Netflix allows a user to stream his favorite TV shows and movies on to the handy mobile scream. Keep yourself entertained wherever you go.

17. Evernote


With Evernote you can easily keep handy text, audio or photo notes on your mobile. The good thing about this app is that you can easily sync these notes to Mac or PC.

18. Jetsetter


Jetsetter is the perfect free app for a business man always on the move. Even if you’re not a businessman and just love to travel, make use of this app to book a hotel or read reviews about the place you are headed to.

19. Trapster


A helpful app for the speed drivers; it notifies you by voice of installed speed cameras and location of police.

20. Backgrounds


Backgrounds will daily notify you of upcoming cool backgrounds for your mobile.

21. Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio

Host a part with DJ at your home with Pandora Radio.

22. Siri


Have a virtual personal assistant on your mobile with this app.



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