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Fleet Management Tips for 2014

It is no secret that British Prime Minister David Cameron believes that small businesses are a key engine of economic growth. He has also strived hard to empower small businesses, most recently by offering them a £2,000 tax cut. This type of assistance is invaluable for entrepreneurs, especially in a competitive market where there is a great deal of money to be made. Despite this, however, it is important that small business owners adopt a cost-effective approach and take the opportunity to seek out additional savings.

Cost-effective Fleet Management Tips for Small Business Owners

For product-orientated businesses or those that operate an in-house delivery system, fleet management represents a large part of their expenditure. Consider the following steps towards minimising fleet management costs in 2014:

Use Tracking Software

While business owners previously used tracking software to ensure that their fleet of vehicles remained secure, the prevailing technology has since evolved to offer additional advantages. One of these is the analysis of fuel-efficiency, which can be performed in relation to the routes that your vehicles can take and the average speeds that they sustain. The results deliver valuable information about the logistical aspects of your business, while also highlighting opportunities for growth and improvement.

Consider the Benefits of Contract Hire

One of the key benefits for small business owners in 2013 is that they have access to a wider range of fleet management options, with contract hire being one of the most popular. This is ideal for small businesses with a flexible or diverse business model, as it enables them to operate a fleet of vehicles on a short-term basis without being responsible for the cost of repairs or maintenance. In the quest to remain competitive, the savings delivered by contract hire providers such as Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions can prove to be invaluable and lay the foundations for a successful business.

Use Fuel Efficient Vehicles

For companies who decide that contract hire is not right for them, it is even more important to cut the considerable cost of ownership. This can be achieved through the establishment of a green and fuel efficient fleet, which is cheaper to operate and also capable of contributing towards a healthier natural environment. The greatest benefit of this is that energy efficient or hybrid vehicles have become cheaper as demand has soared, meaning that businesses should look to capitalise on one of the most prominent trends in the commercial world.


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