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How Online Credit Card Processing Works In 2019

Individuals in each corner of the world are glancing into the world of credit card processing online. That’s because the credit card processing online is typically easier, faster, and provides a lot of amazing features over its customary counterpart. While the credit card payment is one of the most common ways of online payment, not a lot of us know just how online credit card processing works in 2019. Expectantly by the end of this post, you’ll have completely comprehended what the online credit card process is.

How Does Online Credit Card Processing Work?

First of all, let’s glance at how the customary means of credit card payment works. The merchant or retailer swipes the card into a credit card terminal: it efficiently makes sure that the payment amounts and credit details are received by the acquiring bank of a merchant, which then sends a verification message to the bank details. If the amount to be withdrawn is enough, then the preferred amount is deposited right away into the account of a merchant. The online transactions work pretty much the same; just that it facilitates a payment gateway.

The merchant primarily has to have two things: a payment gateway account and a merchant account. Such will make sure that the transaction is done and both of you received what you desire out of the transaction. The procedure is easy and simple to use;

• The consumer recognizes the service or product preferred on the site by placing a simple order and typing in her or his credit card number. That’s all accomplished on a secure website of the store. The particulars of the billing and order information are then reclaimed and sent to a payment gateway for further processing.

• On the website, the payment gateway then gathers the important information and sends that to the bank that’s obtaining the transaction for a merchant. The acquiring bank of merchant then forwards that info to the consumer’s bank for a transaction confirmation of which the credit card bank sends a reply code which might either be to refute the transaction, to endorse it and also to supply a cause if the transaction was rejected.

• The bank of the merchant then, in turn, sends the details of the credit card transaction to a payment gateway, and if it’s accepted, the funds will then be simply deposited into the account of the merchant at the scheduled transaction time.

• The payment gateway confirms this course by sending transaction information and details to the online store of the merchant after which the info is shown on the screen for the consumer to see that either the credit card was rejected or charged.

It’s also significant to note down that at particular stages of the procedure fees were charged from the total transaction riding on different factors that comprise a merchant’s payment gateway and the monetary institutions engaged in making a transaction possible. It’s more often than not a quite small proportion of the entire transaction fee involved.


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