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Chevy Spotlight: 60th production anniversary for Corvette

June 30 marked the 60th anniversary of the celebrated Chevrolet Corvette and the car crossed the 60-year mark from its inception in 1953. After being revealed as a concept car in 1953 in the General Motors Autorama (New York) in 1953, the car was considered for a limited edition because of the huge response it received from customers. Chevrolet Corvette has had an intimate connection from the American culture in its past 60 years and has been considered a symbol of power, style, and performance.

As a mark of celebration, the company has announced 2014 Chevrolet Corvette premier edition vehicle. The company plans to manufacture only 500 units of this premier edition car and all of these will be the top-spec 3LT models. These cars will carry Laguna blue tint coat paint with classic Brownstone interiors. There have been many interior upgrades in this car including interior trims made with carbon fibers, carbon fiber roof, wheel caps, Stingray kick plates, hood stripe, and matching pair of Stingray luggage from Thule.

Chevy Spotlight

We spoke to our nearby Chevy dealer, JBA Chevrolet of MD, and found out that these cars will be marked with VIN numbers starting with 300001 for added exclusivity with these automobiles. The company claims exciting exteriors and it look like top-of-the-line 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. It will come with the standard packages including Z51 performance package and 3LT option package. There have been no announcements about the price of the premier edition of Chevy Corvette. After considering the added features and premium offerings of the Corvette premium edition, it may cost $20,000 more than the regular Corvette priced at $52,000.

With the other announcements, the premier edition will also set off the production of C7 Corvette. C7 is the name given to the seventh generation of Corvette starting in 2014 with the Stingray. This car will celebrate the 60th market entry of Corvette; the first one rolled out in June 1953.


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