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Best iPad Applications for Your Business

People are always on the outlook to find out ways that can help them carry out their business easily. The businessmen have to travel a lot. They have to keep in touch with other people associated with the business all the time. To help these people there are different gadgets available in the market. These highly sophisticated gadgets help them browse the Internet, access their email and even reply to incoming mails. They can also download movies if they want to take a break from their busy work schedule. iPad is one such spectacular device that has earned its reputation especially amongst business professionals.


This device provides various applications that help a person connect with the different entities of the business while he is traveling. User can access the files related to business and even prepare presentations easily and easily while he is on the move. Let’s have a look at some of the best iPad apps for business.

1. Billing with Time Master: This is a very useful app that helps the person in tracking and time management. The application ensures that the time critical bills are processed in time. It has an exclusive feature known as the “punch in and punch out”. It can save a lot of valuable time of the user. If the app is consistently for a few weeks then it can provide great statistics.

2. Files² HD: This is very popular application that helps to view files. The user can also download files of different formats. This enables him to review the file when he is traveling. The different file formats that are supported by this application are PDF files, Microsoft office piles and archive files. It also supports various picture formats, movies and plain text documents. The app can be availed at only 4 USD.

3. Go to Meeting: This application is available free of cost. This assists an individual attend online meetings with ease. With the help of this application the person can carry out high quality video chatting. The user of the application can also use it to view slide shows, presentations and reports. It allows the viewer to watch whatever he wants to see. The salesmen who had to travel a lot are highly benefited by this app.

4. Sugar Sync: This is a highly ipad apps for business which helps the person move documents and files across different other devices. The devices may be other iPADs or personal computers.

5. Bento: This application for iPad helps in managing projects. It has options that facilitate the user to plan meetings and track the projects. Not only can this but various other things be also done with the help of this software. There are almost 25 templates that have been already built into it.  The various categories of templates that have been included into the application are digital media, billing, customer and inventory. This helps the person organize the projects in a well defined manner. The price of the application is about 5 USD.

6. WSJ: It is a very tough to carry journals and newspapers when the person is traveling. If the job of the person depends on magazines and newspapers then WSJ is a must have iPad application for him.

7. Keynote: This application is very useful in creating presentations on iPad. It helps the person make real estate brochures, sales report presentations and business slide shows. All the features that presentation software has are also included in this application. The user can insert tables, audio, text, video, charts and pictures to make the slide more attractive. This will have a great influence on the audience.

8. Print central: This application can be used to print the document that has been created in the iPad. The device gets connected to the printer by the help of wi-fi signals. Documents like email and text files can be also stored so that they can be reviewed and printed later.

9. Pages: To carry out the business a person has to create and edit documents. This popular application from Apple helps in word processing. The person can use the on board keyboard to create documents in both portrait or landscape mode.

10. Mariner Calc: This is the spreadsheet application for iPad. The app was previously used in the Mac computers. It was first incorporated into the mobile devices in the year 2009. The user can get everything that he/she expects from spreadsheet software. There are about 150 functions including various functions that are related to maths, statistics and finance.

11. Mail: This application is included as a standard application with iPad. This gives the person access to his email account all the time.

12. Glassboard: This application helps the person set up conversations even when he is not in the office. He can carry out discussions with his clients and colleagues.

13. Agenda Calendar: This application is much different than the other regular calendar applications available. It has the ability to synchronize with the online calender. This facilitates the user send quick messages.

14. Skype: This is one of the popular apps that have been running on most of the smart phones and other portable devices. This is one of the greatest applications for video conferencing available in the market. It can be used to call other Skype users free of cost thus saving a lot of money spent on calls. It can be used in association with software known as the Quick Voice to record the conversations. The user can review the recorded calls later on.

15. AwayFind: Some people don’t want to receive all the mails using their iPad. This app helps them to stay away from the unwanted mails.

16. Log Mein: It gives the user the ability to control his Mac book or personal computer right from the iPad. The person may need to access the office or home computer while he is away. This app comes handy during that situation.

17. Asana Mobile: This application can be used to manage the different tasks that are done in the iPad.

18. Prezi Viewer: It is an alternate to Keynote. It can be used as a slidedeck or presentation application. For those who want platform independence Prezi Viewer is a must have.

19. Numbers: Another popular spreadsheet application for iPad is Numbers. It helps in manipulating spreadsheets and carry out various statistical and financial calculations while traveling.

20. 1Password: This is one of the most important applications for iPad as well as other devices. This ipad apps for business helps the user to keep track of the passwords that he has used to sync with applications like Drop box or iTunes. The person doesn’t have to waste his time searching for the passwords.

21. Due: There are people who have the habit of forgetting things. The people who are very busy are also unable to remember their daily schedule. This application provides great assistance to them. It reminds them of the tasks they have to perform.

22. Drop Box: This application serves as the external storage device of the iPad. The user can keep all his important files in the folder of Drop box. He can access these items while he is on the go. The usefulness of the iPad is increased to a great extent.

23. Penultimate: This gives the feeling of creating documents with pen and paper while on the go.

24. Quick Office Pro HD: This application can be used to edit or create presentations, documents and spreadsheets.

25. PDF Pen: This app can be used to manipulate a document that is in the PDF format.

These iPad apps for business can help a person can carry out his work even when he is not present in his office.


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