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A Snapshot of the Top 3 Countries With Most Olympic Gold Medals, 2012

The only sport event that the majority of the world was looking forward to at the beginning of 2012, was the 2012 Summer Olympics also known as London 2012. Although it seemed that the wait till 27th of July is going to be treacherous and long, it did come soon enough. However the sports-studded events that took place each day, made it difficult to keep track of all the wins.

But with Olympics, one faces a certain dilemma. You know what they say – “winning is not the main thing; the main thing is to compete and do your best;” well the saying is put in jeopardy because all everybody seems to be doing is counting the gold, silver and bronze medals on their fingers. And although everyone tried their own very best, we still salute the countries with most Olympic Gold Medals. Of course there is nothing sarcastic about praising the countries and especially the athletes who actually won the Gold for their respective countries; it’s just that the performance and participation of all should not be lost into the oblivion.

So here we pay a tribute to those great athletes, both men and women, who had been training fiercely for the much awaited Olympics and who proved to the best indeed in their respective sport. So in case, you got lost in counting the medals and didn’t fully absorb the performance of the countries with most Olympic Gold Medals, here is a list of the top 3 countries with most Olympic gold medals.

Countries with Most Olympic Gold Medals

1.    United States of America

The top spot is taken by the United States by winning the most gold medals in different events. USA also scores the first position in having won the highest numbers of total medals (Gold, Silver and Bronze combined) in London, 2012. Let’s have a look at those games in which US won a total of 46 gold medals

  • Beach Volleyball – 1 and was won by women
  • Boxing – 1 gold medal
  • Road Cycling – 1 gold medal
  • Diving – 1 gold medal
  • Football – 1 gold medal
  • Judo – 1 gold medal
  • Rowing – 1 gold medal
  • Water Polo – 1 gold medal
  • Basketball – 2 gold medals; and it was expected as the US National team of Basketball has some of the world’s best players.
  • Wrestling – 2 gold medals
  • Artistic Gymnastics – a total of 3 gold medals
  • Shooting – 3 gold medals
  • Tennis – 3 gold medals
  • Athletics – a total of 9 gold medals in different competitions
  • Swimming – the highest number of gold medals were won in this competition; a total of 16.

2. People’s Republic of China

The People’s Republic of China won a total of 38 gold medals and thus became one of the top 3 countries with most Olympic Gold Medals. Let’s see in which sports China was able to get these gold medals.

  • Athletics – 1 gold medal
  • Taekwondo – 1 gold medal
  • Boxing – 1 gold medal
  • Trampoline – 1 gold medal
  • Sailing – 1 gold medal
  • Shooting  – 2 gold medals
  • Fencing – 2 gold medals
  • Artistic Gymnastics – 4 gold medals
  • Table Tennis – 4 gold medals
  • Badminton – 5 gold medals
  • Swimming – 5 gold medals
  • Weightlifting – 5 gold medals
  • Diving – China, as usually shone in the Diving competition and won a total number of 6 gold medals.

3. Great Britain

Although Great Britain stands fourth for the overall number of medals won, which includes gold, silver and bronze; however with 29 gold medals, it also steps up to be one of the top 3 countries with most Olympic Gold Medals.

  • Canoe Sprint – 1 gold medal
  • Road Cycling – 1 gold medal
  • Canoe Slalom – 1 gold medal
  • Sailing – 1 gold medal
  • Shooting – 1 gold medal
  • Tennis – 1 gold medal
  • Taekwondo – 1 gold medal
  • Triathlon – 1 gold medal
  • Boxing – 3 gold medals
  • Equestrian – 3 gold medals
  • Rowing  – 4 gold medals
  • Athletics – 4 gold medals
  • Track Cycling – Great Britain won its highest number of Olympic Gold medals in this competition; a total number of 7.


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Image Credit: Fighting Irish 1977


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