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5 Most Addicting Games In The World

Video game addiction can be just as strong as being addicted to any drug! Believe me, there are games out there that have kept people glued to their screens for days ignoring hunger, thirst and exhaustion. In this article, I am going to countdown 5 most addicting games ever! The games will be included irrespective of their genre or platform based purely on their ability to keep people mesmerized and oblivious to passing of time. So, without further delay let’s delve into the foray:

1)    World of Warcraft By Blizzard Entertainment

Genre: MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game)

This game is what defined and revitalized online role playing. With more than 10 million subscribers hailing from virtually every part of the globe, World of Warcraft or wow (as called affectionately) is on the top of the list of most addicting games for this generation. Wow transports players to a fantasy world full of sword play and sorcery where they go on quests, collect armor and hoard on wow gold for purchasing different items and upgrading. Though ingame graphics might not be the forte of this game but what it lacks in graphics makes for by providing immersing story line, unparalleled game play and a detailed world full of magical wonder just waiting to be explored.

2)    Halo developed By Bungie.net published Microsoft

Genre: FPS (First Person Shooter)

Before Halo, FPS was a genre played exclusively on PC platform. There was no decent FPS for consoles available; sensing this need bungie.net people in collaboration with Microsoft (in publisher capacity) brought us Halo! What wow is to MMORPG genre Halo is to FPS. Halo enthusiasts often refer to the addictive characteristics of the game as “Halodiction”. Top notch graphics, awesome game and shooting mechanics combined with awesome sound effects make Halo a game you just can’t get enough of. Even though it’s Xbox exclusive, Halo has a fan following of millions.

3)    Star Craft II Wings of Liberty By Blizzard Entertainment

Genre: RTS (Real Time Strategy)

Available exclusively for Microsoft Windows and Mac Os platforms, Star Craft II Wings of Liberty has a highly addictive online version and equally immersive single’s campaign. There are many RTS games that gained temporary fame but after sometime were doomed to obscurity, Star Craft II has broken that norm and continues to be the most subscribed to RTS game in history. The story of the game is basically a struggle for dominance between three races over a desolate planet. Star Craft II digital download figures are 50, 0000 combined with sales of over 1 million units brought it to an opening of 1.5 million on the first day. According to statistics, taken on December 2010, the sales stood at 4.5 million units sold worldwide.

4)    FIFA 11 by EA Sports

Genre: Sports Game

Basing a videogame on a real sport is cumbersome as the developers have to do justice to the sport and incorporate even the tiniest of details to make the experience more thorough and enjoyable. Then there is the matter of pleasing thousands of fans who pin high hopes and aspirations! FIFA is one such game that faithfully captured every conceivable aspect of the sport of soccer. This is one game you can play for days, weeks and months without getting bored! The latest installment of FIFA which is FIFA 11 has new Modes available which literally put the player in charge of their own soccer team. From recruiting players to managing their affairs, this is one detailed oriented game that should be on the top list of every soccer fan!

5)    Pokemon By Nintendo

Genre: JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game)

Pokemon is a phenomenal Japanese role playing game and the only JRPG entry on this list. Although there were other very deserving candidates like the Final Fantasy Series, but Pokemon is probably the best recognized of its genre. Pokemon has been a money minting franchise for Nintendo ever since it debuted in Japan way back in 1996. It has been made into a TV show, launched a successful merchandising line and immensely popular video game. Pokemon red has the player taking on the role of Ash, a kid who aspires to be a Pokemon master! This Pokemon installment was comprised of 151 Pokemon that must be captured to earn the title and hence was immense! ‘Two Player Support’ incorporated for the first time, made it even more popular.



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