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4 Best PlayStation 3 Games You Should Definitely Have!

Being an Xbox owner I am highly skeptical of everything that is PlayStation 3 related. Sony’s flag bearing console has faced some controversies and hasn’t been able to rightfully reap its share in the video game market, but that doesn’t negate the fact that there are some awesome titles available on it!

This list will contain some highly revered and critically acclaimed Sony PlayStation 3 games as well as games which are not PS3 exclusives.

Heavy RainHeavy Rain

The French really know how to masterfully craft a story to keep the audience absorbed! Need proof? I present Heavy Rain. Produced by French developers named Quantic Dream exclusively for PS3, it’s a genre defining interactive action adventure psychological thriller which will make gamers literally bite their nails at the suspenseful plot, masterfully crafted story and a totally in game action-based multiple endings. The game plays out and also looks like an Alfred Hitchcock movie complete with eerie atmosphere, which really draws the player in! Kudos and accolades to CEO of Quantic Dream who conceived and directed this game. I am not going to reveal any details of the plot, as it will serve as a big spoiler! I recommend that you play the game and then replay it once again. Believe me, it’s worth it.

Truly lovable Aspects of the game

Some people (mainly adrenaline junkies) would label the game slow, because it’s totally devoid of flashy action and button mashing. But, don’t let that keep you from playing this gem! The controls of the game are very responsive and combined with the rapid pace of the story make the entire affair very exhilarating and absorbent.

It wouldn’t be farfetched to say that Heavy Rain has kick started a new genre of video games and is epic in its own right. No game before Heavy Rain has captured and portrayed the intensity, the atmosphere and overall gloom of a psychological thriller before. Heavy Rain rightfully occupies a place in the book 1001 video games you must play before you die.


Critics and gamers alike were completely taken by surprise and highly praised Heavy Rain for its innovative take on story rendition. It enjoys almost same ranking 9/10 on all major game sites like IGN.com and Eurogamer.net. The game has sold two million copies since its release and the number keeps on piling. Its also the recipient of various coveted video game awards like game of the year 2010 and even won BAFTA awards for technical innovation, original music and story.


When a big wig game developing company churns out a block buster title, it is no surprise considering the resources available to them. Truly admirable is the situation where an independent game developing company comes out of nowhere and puts forth a gem which makes everyone sit up, take notice and in the end give it a standing ovation! But, this is not the only attribute, which makes Journey one of the best PlayStation 3 games. Developed by Indie developers named thatgamecompany, it incorporates in game features, which are truly unique and innovative. The soundtrack of the game plays as important a part in the proceedings as the graphics and game play.

Truly lovable Aspects of the game

Journey is a multiplayer game but unlike conventional multiplayer games, it doesn’t allow players to communicate with each other through normal means! There’s no talking, no sending text messages and what’s truly distinctive is that players can’t even see each other’s names! Now, how could that be a good thing you might ask? The developers of the game have strived (and totally succeeded) in encouraging the players to forge a bond without using conventional modes of communication. The game cultivates emotional connection by using its brilliant music score, which reacts to players in game actions and changes dynamically.

The plot of the game is rendered wordlessly via cut scenes, which are serene in graphical quality. It gives the impression of being a part of a large beautifully crafted tapestry or painting.


Journey is rightfully the recipient of several “Game of the year” awards and has received wide critical acclaim. The soundtrack has been nominated for the best score soundtrack for visual media for 2013 Grammy Awards. Since its release on PlayStation Store, it has garnered the distinction of being the fastest selling game ever in North American and European region. It has been unanimously hailed as the best downloadable game by sites like GameSpy.com, GameTrailers.com etc. The journey might be the most unique and emotionally charged game of this generation and is definitely recommended for anyone who owns a PlayStation 3.

Uncharted 2 - Among ThievesUncharted 2: Among Thieves

Uncharted 2, in fact the entire Uncharted series is the equivalent of Indiana Jones’s escapades turned into a thrilling, addictive and visually stunning video game, albeit having a different hero. The game is a mixture of platforming and action adventure which follows the exploits of its protagonist named Nathan Drake. It’s the second installment in the series and is a sequel to Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, with developers Naughty Dog helping the project. From the very start, the game is an adrenaline filled, roller coaster ride which keeps the gamer glued to chair, never knowing what’s going to happen next.

Truly lovable Aspects of the game

Among Thieves is a game custom made for adrenaline junkies! There’s not a single dull moment in the game. Right from the beginning where the players would find Nathan Drake inside a train hanging at the edge of the cliff with a bloody stomach wound to the culmination, which depicts the hero and heroine (yes there’s a love interest for our swash buckling hero) share a kiss and walk into the sunset!

As Nathan Drake, players would be jumping, climbing and negotiating narrow ledges over wall faces over seemingly bottomless pits and mountain tops. The game allows the players to either go in guns blazing or use stealth and strategy to silently take down the enemies. The plot is deeply intricate and well sown in characters; this makes the game a truly delightful experience.


Brilliant motion capturing, voice acting and awesome graphics propelled Uncharted 2 to win several game of the year awards. The game has received highly critical acclaim and is a much beloved title for every PlayStation 3 owner and also a constant stay at best PlayStation 3 games list on various gaming sites. The game enjoys an aggregate metacritic score of 94/100 and is highly revered by almost all major gaming websites. As of December 2012, Uncharted 2 has sold an estimated 6 million copies worldwide, which also marks it as a tremendous commercial success.

Shadow Of ColossusShadow Of Colossus

The hallmark of a truly awesome game is that gamers can’t have enough of it. This is exactly the reason which compelled Sony to release hi definition, PlayStation 3 version of this original PlayStation 2 game in 2011. This game is unanimously hailed as must play by every critic and depicts battles between colossus and the protagonist.

Truly Lovable Aspects of the game

Leave aside the depiction of truly meticulously crafted colossus which must be defeated, the awesome graphics which were far ahead of their time, ignore the ingeniously made platforming and puzzles, you are still left with an awesomely romantic story which would definitely hit a cord with players.


  1. I plan on picking up a copy of heavy rain for my personal collection when I have some downtime between game releases and have some extra cash laying around. Other noteworthy exclusives are Bayonetta, Heavenly Sword and God Of War.


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