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3 Product Label Design Mistakes That Ruined the Success of Your Product

So you think that your product has it all – the basic utility that will make it go viral, the innovation to capture the market, as well as the look that will make people instantly fall for it. Excited you launch the product but the success rate of the product tells you an entirely different story.

Not many people are even willing to try your product, let alone create a buzz in the market. Sad. But before you begin to doubt the potential of your product, why don’t you take a minute and think about the label design of your product? Yes, consider the following 3 aspects and you might understand where you’re going wrong with your product label design:

Product Label Design
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1. Font Of The Product Label

The font that you use to type out the information on the product label is extremely important for having a successful product. It must not be so common that it doesn’t arouse any interest at all, making your product look like just another product in the market. But at the same time, you have to ensure that in an attempt to use a different or an uncommon font, you do not end up using a font that is not easily readable.

Make sure your product label doesn’t have silly fonts. For example, don’t have Comic Sans font for your Business Smartphone product. Your choice is not limited to the usual fonts that you see in your computer’s word processor. Unleash the artist in you and create your own font like the leading firms or choose from a number of lesser-known fonts from various websites on the Internet.

2. Material Of The Product Label

Although this point comes second on the list, in reality, this will be one of the first things that you will need to decide when designing a label for your product. You can make a real statement with this aspect of your product label design and lay the foundation (well, literally) for the further designing aspects of the label.

Usually, most product label designers go for the generic light-colored paper for the purpose of material for label design. You can either go with the flow or try other lesser-tested avenues, like polythene product labels or clear product labels. The clear product label is actually a good idea in case you have a solid-colored product container and plan to use contrasting colored fonts for typing purposes. Choose carefully as the material and color of the product label will affect all further aspects of product label designing.

3. Size Of The Product Label

The size of the product label usually depends on the overall shape of the container you are using. The usual forms of product label sizes are:

  • Two Small Panels

You can have one panel in the front of your bottle or container that will contain all the branding and advertisement information along with the graphics and other media. The back panel of the container can have all the necessary information about the product you are selling. This can include the likes of ingredients, regulatory information, etc.

  • One Big Wrap Around

You can have your product label designed as a wrap-around. This will cost you lesser than having two small panels. While using this, you need to ensure that the whole wrap around is divided into two panels, one on the front and the other on the back.

These 3 aspects of designing a product label are the basics and you will need to build on these in order to have a successful product that can assure you soaring graphs of ROI.

B. Lyttle is a Marketing graduate from Columbia University. She’s a contributor for the #1 label printing UK company, selfadhesivelabels.com.


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