Ram Truck Towing Basics

Ram Truck Towing Basics
12 Aug 2013

There are many terms which may be unfamiliar in connection with using your Ram Truck for towing.  Taking a few minutes to become familiar with the Ram Truck towing basics will help you tow safely. When towing a trailer, boat, car, or RV behind your Ram Truck the rule is, better safe than sorry.  Take the time to be informed about your Ram Truck towing capabilities before you start your first tow.

These are the terms you will need to know to tow safely with your Ram Truck.  GCVW is Gross Combined Vehicle Weight.  This is the weight of a fully loaded Ram Truck.  This includes not only the Ram Truck itself, but also the passengers, payload, and everything being towed.  GVW of your Ram Truck is the weight of your fully loaded Ram Truck.  This includes the Ram Truck, passengers, and payload.  Do not count anything being towed in this figure.  GTW is the Gross Trailer Weight.  This is the total weight of the trailer including all of the cargo.  Curb weight is the weight of your Ram Truck without passengers or payload.  It is your Ram Truck, fuel, fluids, and standard equipment.  Axle Ratio is the ratio between the rear axle and the revolutions per minute of the driveshaft.  Trailer Tongue Weight is the downward force exerted on the hitch ball by the trailer coupler.  The ideal tongue weight should be between 10 to 25 percent of GTW.

Ram Truck Towing

To find your Ram Truck towing capacity, look in your Ram Truck owner’s manual or give a call to your local RAM dealership, such as Utah’s own Ken Garff West Valley RAM.  There will be a section in your Ram Truck owner’s manual dedicated to towing.  After reading your Ram Truck owner’s manual you should confirm the information on the certification plate located on your Ram Truck driver’s side door sill.


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